Take caution when burning brush, etc.: Call your local fire department and let them know, as well as the Town Hall and leave a message. (Avoid a fine) Town Hall:…………..…920-261-5690 Ixonia Fire:………..…..920-261-2440 Johnson Creek Fire:.  920-699-5258 Watertown City Fire:  920-261-3610

News & Notices

Many Town of Watertown residents have been placing their trash/recycling bins for pick up on incorrect days of weeks.  Along with the tax bill that was sent out, was a calendar for the year indicating the pick-up day for the East side or West side of the Town.  Trash bins are emptied weekly.  Recycling bins are emptied every other week.  Also, IF there is a holiday within the week, pick up is on the Saturday after rather than Friday.