Building Inspector

Building Inspector

John Moosreiner

Town Hall, N8302 High Road

Phone: (262) 490-0277
Email: [email protected]

Call or email with any questions about building permits or other types of permits.
The building inspector is available at the Town Hall on Tuesday evenings between 4:00pm and 5:00pm or by appointment.
The Building Inspector is not in the building December through February.
Use above contact information if needed for an appointment.

A building permit is required for:

  • New Home. *
  • Additions to existing home. *
  • Deck.*
  • Shed/Pole Barn/Accessory Building
  • Swimming Pool*
  • Signage.*
  • Any remodeling (Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement, Etc.)
  • Attached/detached Garages.*
  • New furnace, air conditioning, water softener, iron filter.
  • Any other type of plumbing work.
  • Any type of electrical work.

You do not need a permit for items such as:

  • Siding
  • Reroofing
  • Replacing Windows or doors IF they are the same size
  • Installing gutters or downspots

Obtaining a building permit:

A building Permit can be obtained, after approval of application materials from the Building Inspector located at the Town Hall at N8302 High Road.

Information necessary for the application:

  • Name of Applicant
  • Type of Improvement
  • Name and address of Person doing the work.
  • Estimated cost of material and labor.
  • Square Footage of Improvement if applicable.
  • Plan of building/improvement.
  • Additional information may be required depending on the project.

What if I don't get a permit?

Permits are required by town ordinances and state statutes. If a permit is required but not obtained, a fine will be imposed. In addition to the fine, the permit will still need to be obtained. Any construction that does not comply with codes or ordinances will need to be brought into compliance.

The main objective for obtaining a building permit is to assure that the structure is constructed according to the code requirements. This is done to make the structure safe from defects and assists in protecting current and potential future owners.

Do I need permits even if it's my house and I'm doing the work?

YES. Permits are required without exception. This applies to all homeowners and contractors involved.

Zoning Permits and Building Permits

Items above marked by an asterisk (*) require a zoning permit from Jefferson County. A zoning permit regulates sizes of buildings, structures, etc in relation to the lot size and lists required setbacks from property lines, roads, highways, and septic systems. A zoning permit is needed before a building permit can be issued.

A building permit deals solely with the construction of anything and all of the applicable National and State Codes which the building, structure, etc must adhere to.

In addition to a building permit, you will be required to obtain electrical, plumbing heating and air conditioning permits if such mechanicals are to be installed.

Any electrical work must be done by a State Certified Master Electrician. Any plumbing work must be done by a State Certified Master Plumber.

This information is intended to be used for general information and is not inclusive. If you are not sure of your particular situation, please feel free to call the building inspector, John, at (262) 490-0277.

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