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The Town of Watertown organizational meeting was April 5, 1842. It was held at the home of Benjamin Labaree. The officers elected were: John Richards, chairman of Supervisors, John G. Bailey and David Gemple, supervisors; Silas Newcomb, Town Clerk; Daniel W. Kellogg and Patrick Rogan, Assessors; Luther A. Cole, Treasurer; Benjamin Labaree, John B. Gaudern and Asher H. Nichols, Road Commissioners; Harris Gilman and Eli H. Boughton, Constables. The compensation at that time was supervisors and clerk - $1.00/day while in session. The town clerk was entitled to receive for his services nine cents per folio or one hundred words for drawing or recording all papers which he may be required to do by Law. The treasurer received four percent for receiving and disbursing all moneys as a compensation. At this meeting it was voted to raise fifty dollars for incidental expenses.

The annual meetings and elections for several years were held in private homes. In 1854, the City of Watertown was incorporated, this previously had been part of the Town of Watertown. In 1856 the election and annual meeting was held at the Wisconsin House in Watertown. After that they were held at the home of Frederick Schwizke. Then, in later years it said the Frederick Schwizke school. There was also a time when two assessors were elected, one English speaking and the other German speaking.

In 1873 the Town purchased a parcel of land located on High Road, which is now known as Highland Road, since the Highway 26 Bypass was built. Frank Lehman sold the parcel for $150.00. On this parcel, the town hall that was to serve the Town for the next Eighty years was built.

It was sold in 1953 and eventually accquired by the Hoard Family and in 2001 the building was donated back to the Town of Watertown. The building was eventually moved to its present location on the property owned by the Town adjacent to the present Town Hall. Due to its deterioration, it was slightly refurbished in 2012 with new windows and siding. It now serves as a storage unit for Town items.

In front of the building is an antique road grader owned and used by the Town, dating back to the 1920's.

The Town rented the Plattdeutscher Hall on Second and Market Street in the City of Watertown for town meetings and elections for 28 years. After this the VFW Hall on High Road in the township was rented for three years.

In August of 1984 the Town purchased a cycle shop from the Carl Piper family. This building is located on High Road, formerly Highway 26 prior to the bypass. The purchase price of this building was $75,000.00. Additional land was purchased from Joyce Piper for $8,000.00.

Considerable remodeling was redone. There is a large meeting room, two offices, a large fire resistant, office storage room. A large kitchen area, two bathrooms and a garage area.

In 2012, an addition was added to house all equipment of the Town to be stored in one location. This includes a truck, tractor, chipper, and all supplies needed, etc. This allows for a work area and storage area in the regular garage.