Plan Commission

The Planning Commission meets the Second Monday of the month at 6:00pm, (if there is an agenda present on the website.)

How to get something on the Plan Commission Agenda:

Click here for Planning Commission Application

Fill out an application (under FORMS) or above link and submit it along with the proper fee's, to the Clerk 14 days or more prior to the Monday before the Plan Commission meeting date. Anything received after that will be placed on the next months agenda.

Items to be discussed at the Plan Commission Meeting need to be received 14 or more days prior. It is recommended to contact the County Zoning department prior to see if the request is feasible. Also the City of Watertown if the property is within the 3 mile radius.

Agenda's are posted on the Website or on the Town Hall display board by the Thursday prior to the meeting date.


Aari Roberts

Phone: (920) 253-7212


Daniel Ludwig

Phone: (920) 262-0434


Tim Strobel

Phone: (920) 988-5367


James McManama

Phone: (920) 285-5346


Blain Parsons

Phone: (920) 650-4011

Recording Secretary

James Wendt