Town Board

All monthly board meetings are the second Monday of the month begining at 7:00pm. If additional meetings occur, they will be posted and included on the Website and N8302 High Road (Town Hall).

Items for the agenda must be received 7-10 days prior to the meeting. Any request made after that will be placed on the next months agenda. The Chairman may make the final decision if an item is placed on the agenda or not.

Agenda’s are posted by the Wednesday prior to the meeting date at the following locations: Town Hall, and Town Website.

Chairman and Supervisor positions are elected every two years.  Treasurer and Clerk positions are appointed by the Town Board.

Those Who Served as Chairman


John Thoma

Phone: (920) 988-8744
Email: [email protected]


Robert Preuss

Phone: (262) 391-0550
Email: [email protected]

Administrative Clerk

James Wendt

Phone: (920) 988-9025
Email: [email protected]

Tuesday from 3:00-6:00pm or by appointment.
(Subject to change with advance notice)


Blain Parsons

Phone: (920) 650-4011

Email: [email protected]

Treasurer/Financial Accountant

Mercia Christian

Phone: (920) 261-5690
Email: [email protected]

By appointment only